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Crane Weighing and Overload Monitoring

Customer Comment

“Replacement of overload and weighing system was done without any problems thanks to the short delivery time we saw. The upgraded system works according to specifications given upfront, which was important to us. It was particularly convenient to keep our current master control system and keep our load cells and inclinometer. This meant a fast and speedy installation with shortest downtime possible.”

The Challenge

A major steel producer located in Sweden needed to repair their harbor crane’s weighing and overload control system. The original manufacturer was no longer in business and no spare parts were available. Replacement became an urgent matter when the authorities deemed the crane unsafe and prohibited operation.

Our Solution

BLH Nobel developed a new, upgraded weighing and overload monitoring system that was adapted and tailored to the customer’s existing control system. We installed Twith a special software version for crane weighing and an external display. This allowed one channel to be used for weighing and monitoring actual load via the existing load cell, while the second channel was used for monitoring and measuring the outreach of the crane beam via the existing inclinometer.

The overload limit is dependent on the specific position of the crane beam. This special software was developed for this particular application. Because BLH Nobel offers a full solution approach, the customer chose to rely on us to provide mechanical and electrical installation, provide support during system start-up, and assist with calibration.

Products Used