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We Believe In Reliability


BLH Nobel has more than 40 years of experience in serving the metal industries with reliable and robust solutions for weighing and force measurement. Whether it’s steel, aluminum or other metals, we offer solutions for every step of the production process – from ore to finished product. For the mining industry, we deliver solutions to optimize ore production.

The metal production industry is under constant pressure to reduce costs, enhance productivity and increase efficiencies to mitigate competition and price erosion challenges.  BLH Nobel is in the front line, helping our customers to maximize their capacity and control their cost.

We offer weighing, strip tension and force measurement solutions with the highest accuracy for demanding applications in need of accurate control over the batching process in steel production.


Crane Weighing Solutions

Lifecycle measurement for cranes

The Challenge

Safe and reliable crane operation

Our Solution

BLH Nobel provides a cost-effective solution for life cycle measurement of cranes in compliance with European and American safety regulations, including establishing optimal service intervals and control for cranes above 1 ton.

Solutions for steel plants

Furnace weighing systems

The Challenge

Controlled melting process

Our Solution

BLH Nobel’s solutions for BOS and LD furnaces provide full control over the melting process by enabling high accuracy weighing. The extreme temperature variations pose no risk to our robust load cells. Our solution prevents the furnace from overfilling and provides an alert if the inside coating reaches a critical level and needs renovation, reducing unnecessary and costly maintenance work.   

Solutions for rolling mills

Strip tension systems for rolling mills

The Challenge

High quality rolling mill process

Our Solution

High consistency in rolling mills requires a high accuracy in tension measurement. The BLH Nobel strip tension systems for rolling mills measures the actual resultant strip tension force, as opposed to measuring the indirect force given by the electrical drives current, increasing measuring accuracy and reactivity.

Our strip tension load cells, with capacities ranging from 2 kN to over 400 kN, measures the resultant force in any direction and are not limited to horizontal or vertical component force. In addition, there is a wide measuring range. These features, in combination with  zero maintenance, simple retrofit, and long-term reliability, make them the best choice for your mill.

Solutions for finishing lines

Strip tension solution for processing lines

The Challenge

Accurate measuring of strip tension

Our Solution

Our strip tension solution for processing lines uses load cells with capacities ranging from 2 kN to over 400 kN. The load cells measure the resultant force in any direction and are not limited to horizontal or vertical component force. In addition, there is a wide measuring range.

The FMU tensiometers are customized for each application., eliminating the need for adapter plates. The sensing elements are standard load cells, resulting in less expensive spare parts plus quick and easy maintenance.

The FMUs are connected to BLH Nobel transmitters, providing a complete system.  

Solutions for Blast Furnaces & Torpedo Cars (cigars)

Added mineral weighing for blast furnaces

The Challenge

Optimize the feed process into blast furnace

Our Solution

Full control over your feed process can be challenging when of large volumes of ore, fluxes, coke and coal are fed into a blast furnace environment where extreme temperature variations are typical. There’s no risk with BLH Nobel’s solution. Our robust load cells deliver high accuracy weighing even in high temperatures, enabling full control over the feed process.

Weighing Solutions for Delivery, Receiving and Shipping

High accuracy crane weighing solutions

The Challenge

Material weighing while loading in harbor or onto trains/trucks.

Our Solution

BLH Nobel provides a solution that increases operational efficiency and provides high accuracy, meeting OIML Legal-For-Trade standards. The solution enables weighing during lifting and transferring operations, eliminating the need to stop at a scale between each step of the process. 

Solutions for Coking Plants

Low maintenance belt weighing

The Challenge

Accurate weighing of material transported on belt conveyors

Our Solution

Low maintenance belt weighing solutions

Unlike other belt weighing suppliers, BLH Nobel applies our weighing solution to the entire conveyor. This makes our solution independent of the level of stretch of the conveyor belt. 

Offering increased weighing accuracy and control over the process, our robust solution requires minimal maintenance, reducing cost

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

The Challenge

The current solution for process measuring or weighing requires recurring maintenance and calibration

Our Solution

If your current solution doesn’t measure up to your expectations – don’t hesitate to contact us at BLH Nobel. Our engineers are experts in finding process weighing solutions where you thought it wasn’t possible.

By onsite inspection or by having a look at your CAD drawings – we can suggest a solution that will improve your process and reduce your maintenance needs.

Our load cells are generally easy to install during short down time. . Should you need help with installation and calibration, we also offer field services.