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BLH Nobel specializes in weighing solutions for processes where liquids, powders or granules are mixed and measured. The design of our high accuracy load cells minimizes the effects of vibrations, side and twisting forces and thermal expansion, providing our customers with reliable process control.

Why Process Weighing?

Flow and level measurements are typical methods for attaining process control where liquids, powders or granules are being mixed and measured. However these methods suffer from several limitations, particularly when precision is required. Liquids change their density when heated or agitated, making both level and flow measurement challenging. Powders are prone to clogging and uneven distribution, demanding constant cleaning and frequent maintenance.

By switching to a process weighing solution, these issues are eliminated because it’s no longer the volume or flow that is measured, but true mass. The measurement accuracy is dramatically improved, enabling better control over the process and batching needed to optimize production and maintain consistency. Reduced need for maintenance will also increase your process efficiency.