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We support the entire lifecycle of our solutions. Our system engineers follow every project from concept design to implementation, training local users and supporting installation, commissioning and doing start-up when requested. Our service teams all over the world are there to answer your questions and provide continuous field service and maintenance when needed. All of our solutions are accompanied by a full package of documentation and drawings, which are continuously, translated so several languages. 

Accredited Force Laboratory

Calibration According to Industry Standards

Load cells and force measurement systems that are used for verifying measurements should be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure precise, accurate performance. We offer calibration services for both electronic and mechanical force measurement equipment, with or without included indicators.


Trustworthy Performance Standards

BLH Nobel has been in compliance with standard SS-EN ISO 17025 since 1984, and we’ve provided calibration services to customers worldwide as an Accredited Force Laboratory. The laboratory in Sweden (AMP 1156) performs calibration of force transducers according to our own validated methods or SS-EN ISO376 with full traceability to national standards. The laboratory is accredited in force ranges of 2 N to 2 MN, with best measurement capabilities of 0.05 – 0.1%