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Force transducers and force measurement modules

BLH Nobel offers a sophisticated range of force transducers and force measurement modules, designed to meet the demanding needs of diverse industries with harsh environments, such as paper production, steel manufacturing, chemicals, textiles and more. We engineer our solutions to deliver high precision and reliability, making them ideal for a wide array of applications, from factory automation to laboratory research.

Our force measurement modules, complementing the transducers, provide an integrated solution for capturing and analyzing force data. Used by customers in over 100 countries around the world, these modules are celebrated for their ease of use, accuracy, and compatibility with varied industrial environments.

  • Web tension products for any force range: Our products are adept at handling a wide range of forces, from high to low tension. Available in both standard and customized formats, we have solutions to meet every need.

  • Flexible for different applications: Designed with versatility in mind, our products include advanced temperature protection features, ensuring reliable performance across different environments and conditions, including extreme heat.

  • Easy installation: Our products are designed for easy mounting to reduce setup time and allow for quicker integration into existing systems. The modules can be easily tailored to the existing bearing house without additional mounting plates

Force transducers and measurement modules that combine precision, durability, and ease of integration

Designed and built with a commitment to innovation and quality, BLH Nobel's products stand out as world class tools for force measurement in demanding and dynamic environments.

FMU web tension unit:

With a track record of over 20 years in diverse industries and backed by a 5-year warranty, the FMU represents one of BLH Nobel’s most robust solutions for web tension monitoring in paper machines and strip tension in steel mills. Its superior accuracy is especially effective for heavy rolls with small wrap angles, ensuring precision where it matters most.

The unit's low profile design allows for minimal changes in line profile when retrofitting existing equipment, making it a versatile choice for upgrades. Easy to install and adaptable for mounting in any position, the FMU is designed to accommodate thermal expansion of the mechanics, ensuring reliability under varying conditions.


PST strip tension measurement module:

The PST is designed for measuring strip tension in continuous furnaces for hot galvanizing lines and annealed lines. Its remarkable accuracy at both maximum and minimum strip tension ensures precise readings in critical industrial processes. Because it is insensitive to thermal expansion, reliable measurements are guaranteed—even in challenging environments. The unit is built around standard KIS load cells to reduce the cost of spare parts and simplify maintenance.

The PST unit can be seamlessly integrated into existing bearing blocks without the need for adapter plates. This combination of precision, durability, and ease of integration makes it an ideal choice for industries looking for efficient and accurate strip tension measurement solutions.


KIS load cells for shaft installation:

Our high-accuracy KIS load cells can be used to replace the roller shaft’s internal bearing, allowing the precise measurement of the force caused by the tension in paper during the production process. The load cell’s ability to rotate ensures that the full resultant force is captured effectively. With an impressive capacity range of 1 to 500 kN and a measuring range from 1 to 100% of the nominal range, these load cells can accommodate a wide spectrum of industrial needs.

KIS load cells are not only easy-to-install but also feature a movable load point so they can withstand very high lateral forces. Their extreme accuracy is further bolstered by being NTEP and OIML approved. Additionally, they are ATEX, IECEx, FM, and CSA certified for hazardous locations, ensuring safe operation in various industrial settings.


Z1P low profile web tension unit:

The BLH Nobel Z1P is a low-profile web tension measurement unit, ideal for various applications including paper processing machines and steel mill strip tension equipment. This unit comprises a single-unit load measuring plate and is adaptable for both horizontal and vertical force measurements. It's designed to fit standard SNL series bearing housings and can be adapted to others. The Z1P's durable stainless steel construction and high ingress protection make it suitable for harsh environments. Additionally, the tension signals from the Z1P feed directly into a web tension transmitter, providing load cell excitation and a communication interface for PLC/DCS systems.


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1. What kind of forces can you measure?

BLH Nobel web tension systems comprise off-the-shelf standard modules and electronics, as well as customized systems. We design force measurement modules ranging in size from just a few Newtons to mega-Newtons. The combination of digital signal amplifiers and stable force transducers means that our systems can handle anything from applications with a low tare and large forces, to those with a large tare and small forces.


2. What types of industries and applications are BLH Nobel's force transducers suited for?

BLH Nobel's force transducers are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications. These include sectors like paper production, steel manufacturing, and general process industries where precise force measurement is crucial. Their versatility and accuracy make them suitable for environments that demand high precision and reliability in force measurement, ensuring operational efficiency and quality control in various industrial settings.


3. What kind of support and services does BLH Nobel provide for force transducer products?

BLH Nobel is deeply committed to the efficient operation and longevity of our products and solutions. We offer end-to-end customer support, as well as maintenance services, and any training or consultation services needed.