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At BLH Nobel we have a long experience of working with customized products to solve customers' complex problems in several different demanding industries. We use the latest CAD design software replacing manual drawings for the benefit of faster and more accurate design-in processes. We adapt our solution to your existing machine in order to minimize modifications for you. This approach helps to manage overall costs by minimizing downtime and shortening installation time.

Weigh Instrumentation your way

Our high quality custom-designed load cells are manufactured in our own production facility. This is also, where our instruments and software experts are located. Some of our custom solutions require tailor-made software to meet your exact needs. BLH Nobel instruments are known for their reliability, user-friendliness and their ability to communicate easily with factory networks. We can offer you fully adopted instrumentation. Currently you can choose from more than 250 application software packages that can be further adopted to meet your specific requirements.