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Industries served

For more than 40 years, BLH Nobel has been helping our customers improve process control by providing our weighing and force measurement solutions.

Our customers come from diverse industries but share the common need for improved control over their production. 

BLH Nobel has more than 40 years of experience in serving the metal industries with reliable and robust solutions for weighing and force measurement.

For decades, BLH Nobel has been a leading vendor of advanced measurement equipment for the pulp and paper industry. Throughout the years, we have gained a unique knowledge in the area and we understand the challenges you´re facing- thus you can feel confident that we have the best solution for you.

BLH Nobel is a leading supplier of robust customized load cells for applications in the offshore industry, such as crane weighing, mooring and tension systems, pipe laying and pressure transducers. 

Process weighing can be used in almost any process where liquids, powders or granules are being mixed or measured. BLH Nobel provides process weighing solutions for a wide range of customers within pharmaceutical, chemical and the food & beverage industry.