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BLH Nobel is committed to delivering reliable mining industry solutions that perform under the harshest conditions. We continuously develop techniques that maximize the capacity and utilization our customers demand in the mining industry. Our load cells deliver the highest accuracy in the market, giving our customers full control over forces, loads, weights and flows.

Belt Scale Installation

A belt scale is used for weighing products in bulk. This type of solution is widely used to monitor raw material feed used in crushers, mills, screens, preparation plants, and coal-fired power plants, and helps ensure precise feeding of process materials and product quality.


Unlike other belt weighing suppliers, we apply our weighing solution to the entire conveyor. This makes our smart solution perform independently from the stretch level of the conveyor belt, thus offering increased weighing accuracy and control over the entire process. Our robust solution requires minimal maintenance for significantly reduced cost of ownership.


Our state of the art G4 instrument sets the industry standard for high technology and user-friendly function. The manual offers easy to follow step-by-step guidance through the installation and calibration procedure.

Handling of Mining Transport 

Mining transports handle large quantities of bulk material that need weighing and monitoring. Because of its extreme accuracy and simple installation, the KIS load cells is a clear choice for our customers. Visit the KIS load cell family product page to learn more about the unique KIS double cantilever technology and its competitive advantages.

A filling machine with two belt scales is typically equipped with four KIS-8 weigh modules onto each scale section. This solution also contains a junction box and G4 instrument that is mounted in a cabinet for monitoring.

Increased Control Over the Ore Enriching Process

Flotation process is the most common method for grinding the ore to fine size that then separates valuable minerals from other less-valuable materials and rocks.


BLH Nobel offers a wide range of reliable solutions for weights up to 1000s of tons with maintained accuracy. We also offer loss-in-weight systems for continuous weighing while filling and emptying of vessels. Our batching systems can handle recipe, flow measurement and level indication for vessels and hoppers.

Optimized Skip Usage

Skips can be used to haul ore at level ground or can be hoisted up a shaft. When hoisted up a shaft, the installation can consists of several KIMD-1 weigh modules. Reference load cells are included in the scope of delivery, consisting of three canisters. The reference load for calibration is applied by using hydraulic jacks. G4 control instruments with one measuring channel per load cell can be used for both load cell types.