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Precision instrumentation solutions

BLH Nobel force measurement and control instruments for industrial weighing provide outstanding ease of use, flexibility and reliable performance in industrial environments. They seamlessly integrate with varied systems, adhere to industry standards, and provide cost-effective operation. With their user-friendly interface, robust construction, seamless communication with factory networks, and easy customization, they are the preferred measurement instrumentation choice for diverse industrial applications.

  • Outstanding ease of use: We prioritize user-friendly interfaces and operational simplicity to enhance efficiency. Our instruments feature clear displays, intuitive controls, and are capable of integrating seamlessly with other systems. Additionally, they offer fully localized menus in English, French, German, and Swedish.

  • Easy set up and integration: Our instruments facilitate easy setup and diagnostics. They also offer a wide range of communication options, including Ethernet, RS485, USB, Fieldbus, and analog output. Our newer models like the G5 have an embedded web server and can connect with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or quality management systems for data transfer and integration.

  • Customization and scalability: We offer over 250 specialized application software packages, tailored to meet specific industry needs. Our ability to customize instruments for unique functionalities and scale them according to your requirements is one of the standout advantages of working with BLH Nobel. We can design and customize software upon request, with the option to tailor inputs and outputs for specific applications.

  • Durability and robustness: Designed to withstand the harsh nature of industrial environments, our equipment is exceptionally durable, able to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and vibrations.

Measurement and control instruments

World class instruments for process weighing, force measurement, and high speed dynamic measurements.

G5 process and control instruments:

The G5 process and control instruments offer high speed alongside flexible and reliable performance for industrial weighing and force measurement. Developed specifically to meet our customers’ needs, the G5 is a single channel device that carries the best of G4 genes and more. For example, it is supplied with application-specific software and hardware modules that support all the major industrial communication types, including PROFINET, ProfibusDP, Devicenet, Controlnet, and Ethernet/IP. The G5 is available as a panel- or rail-mounted instrument.

G4 process instrumentation:

The G4 process instruments are high performance multi-channel weight indicators targeted for industrial systems. Units in the G4 series can accommodate up to seven different modules for advanced performance; this means additional measurement channels or custom applications can be easily added or replaced. The screen can accommodate up to eight weighing channels and has the ability to simultaneously display up to four weighing/force channels, giving you full control for multiple process vessels.

Generation 3 instruments:

Our Generation 3 instruments series consists of TAD 3, AST 3P and WST 3 models, which  monitor and control strain gage load-cell-based weighing systems. The G3 products offer exceptional performance in weighing applications and are easy-to-use and set up. They are all excellent entry-level products for single-scale applications.

Continuous innovation:

We are continuously developing new instrumentation at the cutting edge of technologies, whether in terms of communication protocols or custom-software for specific challenges. Keep an eye out for news of the following advanced instruments, due for release soon: G6, G5 dual channel, AST 5P.


1. What types of industries and applications are BLH Nobel's weighing instruments best suited for?

BLH Nobel's weighing instruments are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications. We have developed over 250 specialized application software packages, tailored to meet specific industry needs. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can create a custom package for any use case.


2. Can I use one instrument for multiple process weighing scales?

With BLH Nobel products, a single instrument system is capable of weighing up to eight independent vessels or scales. The screen displays up to four weighing/force channels simultaneously, offering you full control of multiple process vessels.


3. What types of communication protocols are supported by BLH Nobel instruments?

BLH Nobel instruments offer a wide range of communication options, including Ethernet, RS485, USB, fieldbus, and analog output. Our products also support all the major industrial standards such as PROFINET, ProfibusDP, Devicenet, Controlnet, and Ethernet/IP.


4. What kind of support and services does BLH Nobel provide for instrumentation products?

BLH Nobel is deeply committed to the efficient operation and longevity of our products and solutions. We offer end-to-end customer support, as well as maintenance services, and any training or consultation services needed.