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What is a load cell?

Load cells and weigh modules designed for outstanding performance and durability

BLH Nobel’s extensive load cell portfolio includes advanced shear beam load cells, weigh modules, and other force sensors – all intelligently designed for high accuracy and robustness. Our products are insensitive to external disturbances, delivering reliable force measurement in demanding environments.

The fact that we prioritize performance and user experience is evident in every component, from our precision force measurement technology to the integral load cell amplifiers. All our products, like the renowned KIS series, are built for rugged durability and longevity, underlining our commitment to quality and lasting value.

High-precision industrial load cells for heavy-duty applications

Our unique load cells and weigh modules incorporate unique features and advantages according to the specific needs of the weighing application, such as capacity, environment, and precision. Each of our products can be equipped with an integrated load cell amplifier that sends its signal to the next component.

KIS shear beam load cells

Our flagship KIS Beam series load cells, incorporating our patented double-cantilever shear beam design minimizes the effects of vibrations, side forces, twisting, and thermal expansion, ensuring reliable process control. With a focus on robustness, reliability, and accuracy, these load cells are ideally suited to meet the challenges across these diverse industries and applications. All our KIS load cells can be ATEX/IECEx/FM/CSA certified for use in explosive atmospheres. Ingress protection IP67 is standard for all products and IP68 is available where required.


KDH-5 high-capacity weigh module

The KDH-5 is a cost-effective FM and ATEX approved weigh module with a capacity up to 200 tons, making it the perfect choice for weighing heavy applications like silos, containers and weigh bridges. Our weigh modules, incorporating the load cell, stainless steel clamping block and mounting yoke are ready for easy installation in your machine.


TankMount shear beam weigh module

The TankMount weigh module is a single ended shear beam weigh module used for capacities up to 5 tons. The semi-floating module design restricts lateral horizontal movement, allows radial horizontal movement and a moderate degree of angular movement to accommodate construction variances. This makes the TankMount well-suited for retrofitting existing structures or turning hoppers into a scale. The load beam sealing meets IP68 and IP69K requirements; the weigh module is OIML certified; ATEX and FM approved versions are available upon request.


Digital load cell calibration and maintenance services

In addition to offering an extensive range of standard load cells and weigh modules, we can rapidly customize any product for your application, or create a fully customized load cell or complete weigh module that meets your specific requirements.


1. What is a load cell?

A load cell is a transducer that converts force into an electrical signal, commonly used in weighing systems. It's the primary component in a weighing system, responsible for the accurate measurement of weight or force. Load cells come in various types like shear beam, compression, and tension cells, each suited for specific applications.


2. What is a weigh module?

A weigh module, on the other hand, typically includes a load cell but is a more comprehensive assembly. It incorporates additional elements such as mounting hardware, casing, and sometimes even dampening mechanisms to protect the load cell and ensure accurate readings under different conditions. Weigh modules are designed for direct integration into machinery, structures, or systems, providing a complete solution for weight measurement, not just the sensing element.


3. What are the different types of load cells?

Load cells come in various types, each designed for specific applications and working principles. Some common types used in industrial applications include:

  • Pin load cells: These load cells, designed for measuring force or load, can be used to replace load-bearing pins in machinery, allowing the machine parts to function as weighing elements. This makes them ideal for monitoring crane and lifting, cable tension, and structural loads.
  • Shear beam load cells: Well-suited for industrial weighing, shear beam load cells can often be found in tank weighing and platform scales. They also offer good resistance to side forces.
  • Single point load cells: These load cells are common in platform scales where there is no need for precision in positioning the load.
  • Bending beam load cells: Used primarily in smaller scale weighing, these load cells and practical for high accuracy in low-capacity measurements.
  • Compression load cells: These load cells measure compressive forces and are commonly used in silo weighing, truck scales, and heavy-duty use cases.
  • Tension load cells: These load cells measure tensile forces in crane weighing systems and monitor the force in wires or cables.
  • S-type load cells: Typically used in mechanical testing and inline weighing applications, S-type load cells can measure both tensile and compressive forces. They got their name from their distinctive shape.

By designing and engineering the industry’s most innovative load cells, BLH Nobel’s KIS series of highly-accurate pin load cells with double cantilever technology means one standard type of load cell can be used as the basis for many applications, effectively eliminating the need for many types of load cells.