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The KIS Load Cell – Highest Accuracy Load Cell

If you require load cell accuracy, look no further than the KIS Load Cell. KIS technology delivers 0.01% repeatability and 0.05% combined error or better. The KIS Beam adds a second or “double” cantilever sleeve over the actual sensor I-beam, positioning the applied load always directly over the gage sensors. This unique technology provides a significant performance advantage over all other load cells in the market. Accurate and robust, the KIS Load Cell is the flagship product of BLH Nobel.

KIS Beam Technology Uses The Best Strain Gages

It all starts with MM foil strain gages. KIS Beam technology incorporates MM foil strain gages connected as a full Wheatstone bridge that is temperature-compensated and calibrated to deliver accuracy and reliability. There is no need for on-site calibration because all KIS Beams are factory-calibrated, which makes installation, set up, and replacement quick and easy.



What is a Strain Gage (gauge)?

A strain gage is an electronic device that is used to measure the strain or deformation of a solid object. It consists of a sensing element, usually a thin wire or foil, that is attached to the surface of the object being measured. When the object undergoes a deformation, the sensing element deforms and changes its electrical resistance, which can be measured and recorded.

KIS Load Cell Double Cantilever Advantage

The KIS load cell has a circular and symmetrical measuring element. It also has a sleeve which fits concentrically over the measuring element. This sleeve is the key to the KIS principle and was patented by BLH Nobel weighing systems.


It allows the loads to be applied in line with the strain gages. The measuring element deforms symmetrically, leaving the strain gages unaffected by bending movement errors.


The beam behaves in a similar way when subjected to side loads. This enables the transducer to reject errors caused by thermal or structural movement. Side loads that arise in the transverse direction due to agitation, wind or structural deflections are similarly rejected. Even under 100% side load conditions the measuring element maintains its symmetrical form and the weight measurement remains accurate and stable.

Need A Load Cell That Is Strong Enough For The Toughest Environments?

The KIS load cell is suited to a wide variety of applications in almost any environment involving corrosive acids, harsh industrial detergents, granulated powders and harsh wash-down areas.

The KIS load cell excels in applications with thermal expansion or aggressive mixing operations. It is the right choice due to being virtually insensitive to thermal expansion, strong vibrations, and high lateral forces. The ease of installation, the headache-free performance, and the high accuracy of the KIS load cells make BLH Nobel KIS load cells the right choice for many years of equipment dependability.

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