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Plug-In Weighing Module for
Allen-Bradley 1756 ControlLogix Chassis PLCs


The 1756-WM is a single slot, single- or dual-channel weighing module that snaps into an Allen-Bradley® 1756 ControlLogix® chassis, making PLC integrations simple and easy. The module is powered directly from the I/O chassis backplane and needs no additional connections other than to the load cells. The weight data is directly communicated over the backplane. The 1756-WM comes with Add-on Profiles (AOPs), allowing a quick integration into the PLC.


The 1756-WM unit is set up and calibrated with the Rockwell RSLogix 5000® Software and requires no external configuration utilities. The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC with 1756 ControlLogix chassis can be used in industries with process weighing, inventory or process control applications.

Typical Installation of a 1756-WM Allen-Bradley 1756 ControlLogix Chassis Weighing Module

The 1756-WM weighing module is available in two versions, single- and dual-channel. The single-channel device is perfect to weigh a single vessel and accepts up to four 350 ohm load cells. The dual-channel unit accepts up to eight 350 ohm load cells, allowing to process weighing data from two vessels simultaneously (see image for model). For best performance, use BLH Nobel's KIS Double Cantilever Technology Load Cells: insensitive to temperature effects on vessel structure, vibration or twisting forces due to agitation.

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