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By monitoring all forces during the use of a crane automatically, the safe working period of the crane can be extended for many years. Strain Gage/Strain Gauge Load cells have been installed in cranes for weighing and overload protection and life cycle measurement for many years. A pin load cell can easily replace existing shafts without a need of expensive modifications.


Today the accuracy of these together with compensating systems are so precise that a crane scale can replace a static floor scale  and improve production efficiency by minimizing the need for stops due to weighing goods during the regular transportation processes.

Our partners in the steel industry depend on BLH Nobel solutions to tackle the heavy lifting and lifecycle monitoring applications they need. 

For tambour weighing at ports, train, and truck load depots, our solutions work in cranes or can be integrated in the rails of the paper machines, used for lifting, or assigned to weighing stations.

In off-shore environments, our partners know they can count on reliable robust solutions that enable safe lowering and lifting of large and heavy objects.

High performance crane overload protection for enhanced safety

BLH Nobel load cells provide high accuracy, repeatability, and correct measurement for weight and force, which is crucial when determining whether the crane can handle a specific load or not. If the weight of the load exceeds the crane's safe lifting capacity, our overload protection will automatically halt the crane's operation.

Whether simple or complex, on-shore or off-shore,  all our crane safety modules include built-in redundancy and meet EU regulations for overload protection (Machinery Directive). This means all crane overload protection systems comply with  Performance Level PLc/PLd (IEC 13849-1) and Safety Integrity Level SIL2 (ISO-EN 61508-1). The crane overload protection system is available for cranes with up to 8 hoists.


Leading through innovation: advanced crane weighing products

Because BLH Nobel started out developing to meet military spec, our crane weighing solutions have a worldwide reputation for high quality.

We manufacture the entire solution from end-to-end, including: load cells, strain gages, hardware, software, and instrumentation—along with the relevant certification, support, and services.

Solutions For Crane Weighing