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Ladle and tundish weighing includes applications such as overhead crane weighing, car weighing, turret tower weighing and casting process weighing. All of these face high impact forces, harsh environment and extreme temperature. BLH Nobel solutions for ladle and tundish weighing base on very robust and highly temperature compensated load cells and weigh modules combined with transmitters and indicators, including wireless options.

Complete Solutions for Your Application

Preferred load cells and weigh modules for the metal are BLH Nobel’s KIS, KIMD, KDH or DSA series. Wired into robust junction boxes to single channel instrumentation or multi-channel summing box setups – BLH Nobel solutions will support vast communication options, even wireless connected. BLH Nobel will deliver a complete solution, meeting your specific needs and delivering high performance at high reliability.


BLH Nobel built a strong track record in the metal industry. Based on decades of experience, we are able to offer you full on-site installation, commissioning and technical support. BLH Nobel – your partner all the way.