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Web Tension Measurement for Paper Machines

As a long-time supplier to the paper industry, BLH Nobel understands the challenge of maintaining accurate and consistent web tension in the production of paper. Our web tension products can handle any range of force, from high tension to low tension, and are available as standard or customized products. Whenever you need modules for environments with large thermal expansion or high temperatures, we have the solution.

The Unique FMU Web Tension Unit

The FMU consists of two precision load cells, a load plate that carries the pillow block, and a base plate that mounts to the machine support. Because the load cells are cylindrical, they can be rotated to measure in the direction of the exact resultant force. Measuring the resultant force assures the highest possible accuracy and eliminates wrap angle restrictions. The high ingress protection of the FMU makes it suitable for all sections of the paper machine.

The G4 Multichannel Instrument

The FMU Web Tension units can be used with our G4 instrument that offers high speed and high performance. The G4 is a modular instrument, which allows multichannel and synchronous measurement. The multichannel G4 has synchronized samplings of all channels, which enables true measurement that is not affected by severe vibration and shock. It is available with Ethernet IP and other communication interfaces.

Low Profile Web Tension unit

The Z1P is a low profile unit that consists of one single-unit load measuring plate. It has two separate outputs and in different configurations, the unit can be used for both horizontal and vertical force measurement. The low profile unit fits easily into existing SNL bearing housing. The high quality of the Z1P assures no mechanical failure before bearing housing break load. Its stainless steel construction and high ingress protection makes it suitable in harsh environments.

KIS Load Cell Shaft Installation

Our high accuracy load cells are insensitive to side load. Replacing the shaft in a roller with internal bearing by a KIS load cell to measure the force caused by the tension in the paper during production. Since the load cell can be rotated, the full resultant force can be measured. Using KIS as a shaft, we can deliver a wide range up to 500 kN and measuring range 1-100 % of nominal range. The measurement is ideally placed in neutral axis and requires very limited space.