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The KIS load cell has been a high performing component in the food, offshore, mining and petrochemical industries for several decades. Its unique technology improved precision in batching, tank weighing, web tension and many other applications. The KIS beam lives up to specifications in the real world – not just under laboratory conditions. The BLH Nobel KIS load cell  is designed to work reliably under demanding conditions with harsh chemicals such as corrosive acids, harsh industrial detergents and caustic vapors and granules and powders.

KIM-1 Load Cell

The KIM-1 load cell has several features that clearly distinguishes it from other load cells. It is easy to install and extremely accurate, even when subjected to dynamic process forces and severe environmental conditions. Due to the double cantilever design allowing the load point to float on the sensor beam, it is not affected by side forces up to 100%. This makes it non-sensitive to thermal expansions, vibrations and disturbing side force. All KIM series load cells can be ATEX/IECEx certified for use in explosive atmospheres.