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Winch systems for enhanced offshore safety 

BLH Nobel has been developing and manufacturing load cells for offshore winch load measurement systems for over 50 years, delivering expert solutions for winches and mooring applications as well as cranes. Our robust load cells are built to withstand harsh environments and ensure accurate force measurements on mooring chains and winches.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the offshore industry, we can provide customized winch system solutions tailored to your unique application. Watch the offshore video

The KOSD double-ended shear beam with circular cross-section offers a robust construction with high ingress protection for force measurement. We also offer the high accuracy KIMD load cell, our double-ended shear beam with an I-beam cross section. The high accuracy combined with no side load sensitivity will solve the most demanding load case with alternative angles of the wire or chain.

  • Pulling force: It's essential that the winch's pulling force matches the weight and resistance of the load. A mismatch can lead to equipment failure or inability to perform tasks, such as properly mooring a vessel or safely towing objects.
  • Tension measurement: Accurate tension measurement allows for real-time monitoring and adjustments, ensuring that the force applied is within safe and effective limits. This is especially important in dynamic marine environments where conditions can change rapidly.
  • Reliability: In harsh maritime settings, winch system reliability is key. The winch must consistently perform under varying conditions, including exposure to saltwater, extreme weather, and heavy loads. Reliable equipment reduces the risk of operational failures and downtime.


BLH Nobel's winch load measurement systems are expertly designed to offer precise and reliable force measurement capabilities, ensuring that winches operate within safe and optimal parameters—despite even the most adverse conditions. This dedication to accuracy and durability underscores BLH Nobel's commitment to enhancing the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

Enhance offshore safety with high-ingress-protected load cells for winch load measurement

Offshore operations are complex and high-risk. They demand the highest levels of safety and efficiency, making reliable winch load measurement critical. Our range of high-ingress-protected load cells for winch load measurement provides robust and accurate force measurement, ensuring enhanced safety and operational integrity in challenging marine environments.

KOSD double-ended shear beam load cells

The BLH Nobel KOSD load cell features a double-ended shear beam with a circular cross-section, offering a robust construction that is highly resistant to challenging environmental factors. This design is integral to its high ingress protection, ensuring reliable force measurement even in harsh conditions. This load cell’s easy installation and cylindrical shape facilitate convenient axis replacement, enhancing its adaptability across various industrial scenarios.

The KOSD load cell can be customized for different dimensions and capacities, adding to its versatility in applications such as offshore environments, cranes, tension measurement, and level monitoring. Safety and compliance are also paramount, as indicated by the optional ATEX and IECEx approval for hazardous areas upon request, along with Functional Safety TÜV certification.



KIMD high accuracy double-ended shear beam load cells

The BLH NOBEL KIMD load cell, characterized by its double-ended shear beam with an I-beam cross-section, epitomizes high accuracy and versatility in industrial weighing. The KIMD is uniquely designed to manage challenging load cases with ease, thanks to its exceptional accuracy and lack of side load sensitivity, making it suitable for scenarios involving alternative angles of wire or chain. Its ease of installation, coupled with a movable loading point, allows it to adeptly handle thermal expansion, further enhancing its utility.

The high load capacity of the KIMD-M makes it ideal for weighing tanks, vessels, and large silos. Engineered to perform reliably across a wide temperature range, from -40 to +100 °C, the KIMD load cell is well-suited for environments with extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent performance under varying conditions.



All BLH Nobel load cells can be delivered with embedded amplifiers with an output signal of 4–20 mA; either fixed or field replaceable (plug & play) version. They are available with ATEX, IECEx, and standard Ingress Protection IP67 (IP68 available).