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Quick release hook for enhanced safety in mooring systems 

BLH Nobel, a recognized leader in industrial weighing and force measurement solutions, effectively addresses the need for quick release hooks in maritime and offshore applications. Our products are designed with a focus on precision and durability, ensuring accurate force measurement and reliable performance under harsh maritime conditions. By incorporating advanced technology and robust materials, BLH Nobel's quick release hooks meet the critical safety and operational requirements of these challenging environments.

  • Safety - Quick release hooks must have a broad capacity range to accommodate various load requirements, from mooring small supply vessels to handling the extreme forces involved in towing large structures like oil rigs. This versatility is crucial in offshore oil and gas operations, where a secure mooring is essential for safety, particularly in rough sea conditions.
  • Control - An accurate load cell with precise force measurement ensures that vessels are held firmly, preventing accidents and equipment damage. Similarly, in towing operations, the precise force data provided by these hooks enables the control required to maneuver heavy structures and mitigate the risk of structural failure or uncontrolled drift.
  • Reliability – All quick release hooks must be designed to withstand the corrosive and challenging maritime environment, to ensure long-term reliability and functionality.

Choosing the right quick release hooks for seamless mooring

BLH Nobel’s quick release hooks combine the advantages of a wide capacity range, accurate force measurement, and design tailored for maritime conditions—making them indispensable in complex and high-risk offshore environments.

Quick Release Hook (QRH)

A load cell installed on a Quick Release Hook can improve mooring safety and efficiency by sensing the tension force on the hawser. In emergency or overload situations, the Quick Release Hook  will actively release the hawser to free the ship. BLH Nobel Quick Release Hooks (QRH) function as a highly dependable foundation in today’s mooring systems.   


KOSD load cell for offshore applications

Certain situations call for high-capacity level monitoring and weighing, and BLH Nobel’s KOSD load cell is more than up for the task. Designed as a double-ended shear beam with circular cross section, it can easily replace an existing pin. The KOSD’s rugged and compact design with high ingress protection and overload protection specifications makes it perfectly suited for harsh offshore environments. All KOSD load cell models can be ATEX/IECEx certified for use in explosive atmospheres and adapted for other dimensions and capacities.