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Our crane weighing solutions are found in many different industries. Since we entered the market, BLH Nobel focusses successfully on providing safe, reliable and easy weighing solutions for heavy lifting applications and life cycle monitoring applications. Whether it is repetitive loading or accurate weighing of valuable material, we provide reliable upgrades to your lifting equipment for increases process efficiency.

Different Tambour Weighing

Many factors are important in selecting the proper tambour weighing system, e.g. space conditions, tambour weights, design of the paper machine in the area of the tambour outlet, accuracy and requirements.

Most important possibilities to realize tambour weighing are:

  • Tambour weighing with a crane
  • Tambour weighing integrated in the rails of the paper machine
  • Tambour weighing with lifting cylinder / load cell combination
  • Separate weighing station for tambour weighing

Understanding Your Environment

We can provide tailor made load cells for you currant crane application. Depending on the project’s complexity, an onsite inspection may be recommended. Environmental factors such as space constraint, dust, dirt, temperature or humidity are considered. The impact of side forces, vibrations and heat expansion help determine the type of load cell that is required. Optimal placement of the solution is also identified during the environment evaluation. BLH Nobel can provide the whole engineering, system and calibration.