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When a vessel is in motion, or when paddles are agitating the contents, lateral and vertical forces can lead to fluctuating readings or noise in the data that is captured by the load cells and weighing modules. BLH Nobel’s precision weighing modules are designed to overcome the effects of these movements to maintain accuracy, absolute repeatability, and consistent quality in industrial processes.

Ready-made or tailored for your environment

BLH Nobel engineers work closely with customers to understand the installation environment and application conditions the weighing system must contend with. Whether you’re installing a new system or upgrading existing equipment, we start with a comprehensive study of the vessel and the potential forces at work and adapt one of our standard products or design a perfect-fit solution. The result is an extremely reliable and highly repeatable monitoring system that lasts for years.


Your weighing challenges, our expert solutions

At BLH Nobel, we specialize in weighing solutions where different liquids, powders, or granules are blended and measured in precise units of weight.

Ensuring accuracy and repeatability for batch processes

Many industries rely heavily on batch-by-weight process control systems to meet strict quality regulations. Our solutions meet these requirements using the highest precision and repeatability of any measurement technology available. KIS load cell modules have accuracy levels up to 0.02% and repeatability variance of just 0.01%, providing you with the ultimate confidence in the process and batch-to-batch repeatability.


Handling weight variations across vessel legs

When dealing with tanks and vessels containing powders and granules, uneven settling can cause weight distribution to shift within the structure. Our innovative design makes BLH Nobel load cells highly adept at handling large weight variations across different structural legs.


Experiencing easy-to-use instrumentation with custom software

Robust and advanced instrumentation is crucial to accurately monitor and control agitation and mixing processes. BLH Nobel offers an extensive range of compatible instrumentation and has the unique ability to provide and custom-develop software options to suit different applications.


Remaining reliable and durable

Ensuring that all measurements, including vibrations and side forces, are reliable for many years is a specialty of BLH Nobel. Our easy-to-install load cells are so reliable, they require almost no maintenance and can continue working for decades.


Tackling thermal expansion

Vessels used in mixing, blending, and cooking applications will expand and contract during heating and cooling processes; this impacts the sensing system that is monitoring the process. Our KIS double cantilever technology is uniquely designed to accommodate movement of the loading point along the beam.


Accommodating fluctuating densities

Many organizations face the challenge of achieving accurate measurements from silos with fluids containing yeast or frequent changes in density. BLH Nobel KIS load cell technology provides reliable solutions for accurate and repetitive silo tank and vessel weighing, even when the fluids inside keep moving.


All forces considered

BHL Nobel solutions for agitation applications consider the potential forces, providing accurate weighing in the toughest conditions.

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