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Whether producing a powder or a liquid, any manufacturing process involves processes mixing, blending, cooking or agitating various ingredients. Production processes need to be absolutely repeatable to ensure consistent quality. Weighing systems with specifically designed load cell modules achieves this high demand for accuracy, repeatability and consistency for many different industry sectors.

Various Forces Considered

BLH Nobel engineers work closely with customers to understand the environment and conditions their weighing system is facing, no matter if it’s a new design or an upgrade of existing equipment. A Full understanding of the vessel design and recognizing potential forces is a mandatory part of the smart solution BLH Nobel  will provide, resulting in a very reliable and highly repeatable monitoring system.
KIS load cell modules have accuracy levels of 0.02% and repeatability figures of 0.01%, which provide customers with high confidence in the process and batch-to-batch repeatability. BLH Nobel also offer an extensive range of compatible instrumentation and the rather unique capability to provide and custom develop  software options to suit various applications.

KIS load cell moving load image