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Cable and pipe laying calls for high precision and accurate processes. Smart force measurement solutions from BLH Nobel keep up with these challenges even under the most severe alternating pitch and g-force conditions. Combined with a pitch compensation unit, BLH Nobel KIS and KISD load cells provide the high accuracy needed due to their unique design, which makes them insensitive to side loads up to 100%. Because of our long record of accomplishment and decades of experience in the weighing industry, you can rely on BLH Nobel to find the perfect solution for your offshore application.


Accurate Real-Time Data Measurement

The tension measuring load cells and the pitch compensation module (PCM) are all wired to one G4 instrument that synchronized all signals. The pitch compensation module (PCM) is mounted on the equipment and calibrated to the total equipment mass. As the vessel starts to pitch,  the PCM compensates for any change in load cell output caused by the mass of the equipment. The G4 instrument supports multiple options for communication with the ship’s system or the operator’s human-machine interface (HMI) and is available with LCD or touch screen screens. Other options include remote access using a Wi-Fi connection.


G4 Rail Mount