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The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The production of pulp and paper has continuously increased globally and will continue to increase in the near future. BLH Nobel has decades of experience in pulp and paper process control. You can be sure that we can provide the right solution that can cope with the harsh environment and the reliability and accuracy performance demands of the industry.

Built to Withstand Heat and Steam

We meet the highest requirements for temperature resistance by high-temperature load cells that are designed for a temperatures range of up to +150°C. We use special mounting kits to prevent heat transfer to the load cells and sheet metal covers to keep radiant heat away.


By a special design of the load cells and the cable glands as well as a filling of the load cell cavities, we achieve an extremely high protection against water and steam penetration. Paired with the use of chemical resistant cables BLH Nobel batching and process weighing equipment for high-temperature environments in pulp and paper applications guarantee a long and trouble free operation of your weighing systems. Follow this link to browse our Pulp & Paper products.