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Case Study for Cost Efficient Vessel Calibration



The Challenge

The customer, a large Swedish producer of adhesives, had 13 vessels critical to the production process. The largest reactor had a capacity of 60 tons. They calibrated the vessels by filling with water – a very time consuming process with an added material cost. Calibration took one week per vessel. Besides the time needed for filling the tank with water, it must be emptied and rinsed. After calibration, it needed to dry completely before re-starting production. 

Force Calibration Sytem

The force calibration system used in this solution consists of a G4 Panel Mount Weight Indicator with 4 weighing channels (1 load cell per channel) and 3 to 4 load cells. The instrument displayed each channel and the total sum of the individual channels. Miniature flat hydraulic cylinders were used for lifting the load cells.


The instrument and load cells were co-calibrated in the BLH Nobel accredited laboratory in Sweden.