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Web Tension Measurement in Press Section

Customer Comment

“After the installation of the system, we have much more control of the condition of the felt, including the wear and stretch of it. Also, after changing the felt, the start-up of the machine is much easier as you have continued control of the felt tension. BLH Nobel’s process understanding was excellent and vital to the outcome of the installation of web tension in the felt press section of our tissue machine”

The Challenge

A producer of paper tissues located in Finland asked for an accurate web tension unit to fit into an existing installation. The application was to measure the tension on pick-up felt in a tissue machine. The environment included high humidity, splashing water and chemicals, and temperatures up to +60˚C / 140˚F.

  • Web width: 5.7 meter
  • Felt tension: 0 kN/m - 5 kN/m
  • Wrap angel: 145˚
  • Tension force: Fh= 26 kN
  • Roll weight: 900 kg

Our Solution

Our solution was to install two FMU 50 kN web tension transducers, one on each side of the felt, and one AST 3PF signal conditioner with a 4 mA to 20 mA output. The FMU is a low profile web tension unit consisting of stainless steel mountings and two KIS load cells. The low profile design was an important feature, eliminating any need for mechanical changes in the press section. The accuracy and the environmental specifications of the FMU addressed the very humid and high-temperature environment.