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LCAMP video - Field replaceable load cell amplifiers

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August 12, 2021

A field-replaceable load cell amplifier allows for massive cost savings due to virtually no downtime. This counts even more, if the device – just like BLH Nobel’s LCAMP solution - does not call for re-calibration of the transmitter or the load cell itself. The BLH Nobel load cell transmitter is designed to be embedded in the load cell housing and is approved for use in hazardous areas. HART Communication is available for diagnostics and process data.


Load cells can be delivered with a highly temperature compensated analogue mV/V output, to be connected to any of our transmitters or indicators. We also offer our embedded amplifiers in a standard fixed version, LCAMP 300, as well as our unique field replaceable LCAMP 100. Here all electronics are stored in a simple plug and play unit and the calibration data is stored in the load cell. Our amplifiers are available in Ex-versions, singe or redundant applications and for functional safety use.


Click to watch the full video to learn more about the benefits of the LCAMP transmitter on our BLH Nobel YouTube channel.