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How to calibrate a G5 Instrument and perform basic settings

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April 28, 2020

To ensure that your G5 instrument performs with high accuracy and high consistency, it is necessary to calibrate them accordingly.

This short easy-to-follow step-by-step demo video shows the simple settings required for calibration of a G5 Panel Mount process control instrument to load cell datasheet values and how to enter fundamental parameter settings that allow the system to work against its performance parameters.

The BLH Nobel G5 process control instruments offer high speed, flexible and reliable performance for industrial weighing and force measurement. We design and customize software for special applications upon request. The G5 process control instrumentation is available in three versions: Panel Mount, DIN Rail Mount with Display and DIN Rail Mount.

Click to watch the full video to learn how to perform a datasheet calibration on your G5 instrument on our BLH Nobel YouTube channel.