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Unique Characteristics of the KIS Load Cell

Since the invention of the unique double cantilever technology, the KIS load cell family has delivers unmatched performance. It is easy to install and extremely accurate, even when subjected to dynamic process forces and severe environmental conditions. Unlike many load cells, the KIS works as specified not just under laboratory conditions but in real-world applications as well. This five-minute video highlights the features that distinguish KIS from other load cells.

Available Videos

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Step into the realm of BLH Nobel, where precision, reliability, and innovation unite to elevate OEM businesses worldwide. Dive into our latest video to witness the excellence of our cutting-edge solutions, meticulously crafted in Sweden.

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BLH Nobel – who we are


A short introduction to our capabilities, production sites, history, products and applications.


Ultimate Weighing System video

The BLH Nobel Ultimate Weighing System is an optimal combination of robustness, reliability and accuracy to fit your specific requirements.

RFS-4 System video

Step-by-step demonstration of the affordable, precise and smart RFS-4, a built-for-purpose roll force measurement system, specifically designed for use on both new and existing rolling mills.

G4 Advanced Process Control Instruments Family

Key features and capabilities of the G4 modular instrument are presented in this five-minute animated presentation, G4 - Focused on Your Application.

KIS double cantilever technology load cells

The KIS load cell delivers unmatched performance. This short video shows why.

Web Tension Measurement for Paper Machines

The FMU is just one of our solutions for force measurement applications in harsh environments - such as strip tension sensing in steel mills or web tension sensing in paper plants.

field replaceable amplifier in load pin explosion rendering

Offshore applications can benefit significantly from weighing or force measurement – boosting efficiency or preventing downtimes. Watch to learn more.