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PST video - strip tension measurement in continuous furnaces

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July 15, 2021

The PST has been specially designed for precision strip tension measurement in continuous furnaces for hot galvanizing lines and annealed lines, with a high accuracy at both, maximum and minimum tension. The PST tensiometer is using four standards KIS load cells into a specific arrangement which makes the PST tensiometer totally non sensitive to axial forces and bending moments induced by the thermal expansion from the deflecting roller.


While the shape of the unit gets adapted to the existing bearing blocks, to eliminate the need for adapter plates, the sensors are standard KIS load cells to minimize spare part cost, and simplifies maintenance and calibration.


Click here to access a video and brochure explaining about the unique double cantilever construction of our KIS load cells, allowing for a movable load point and making them non sensitive to thermal expansion, vibration or twisting moments.



Click to watch the full video to learn more about the benefits of the PST on our BLH Nobel YouTube channel.